Price: $30

Seller: Michael Childs
State: Pennsylvania
City: Limerick
Zip code: 19468
Type: Accounting & Bookkeeping Jobs

Lead Accountant  
                UCRES Inc is a startup company & currently has no accounting clients. I have the basic infrastructure in place. My partner had to leave and I am looking for someone to take on his responsibilities and help grow the company. You will be considered a founding member of the company and will be instrumental in shaping your department and the company as a whole.
Current infrastructure:
Establishment with local Chamber of Commerce
Enrolled Agent (EA) or
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or
Tax Attorney (LL.M. degree in taxation)
Small business tax preparation and filing
Directly dealing with business clients
Managing people and projects
Hours: (Part time)
                Initially this will require minimal time and does not require a fulltime commitment. However, as the company grows so will the time requirement. The hours are flexible and you can set your own schedule as long as work is being completed by deadlines. You are able to work from home if you have a secure office space & locking filing cabinet.
Manage company Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax filing
Track company finances
Take leadership role in department
Meet with clients & take ownership role in managing client accounts
Manage client bookkeeping as contracted
Manage client Payroll as contracted
Manage client Taxes as contracted
Assist with Invoicing as needed
Attend monthly Board meeting (In person or by phone)
Attend local networking events (when needed)
Oversee any future accounting staff
10% stake in company
Company will pay monthly Dividends
$30/hour for Billable hour for Enrolled Agent (EA) or
$40/hour for Billable hour for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or
$50/hour for Billable hour for Tax Attorney
Because this is a startup there will be no salary issued until we have a steady profit. After that, salary will be reviewed annually an adjusted based on performance and profitability. 
Shares will be issued at Par value of $.01 per share and cannot be cashed in until market value reaches $10 per share. If you wish to leave the company prior to the market value reaching $10 per share the shares will be redeemed at the Par value of $.01 per share.
Payment for Billable hour will be paid when customer payment clears